A free one-day virtual conference introducing you to the Microsoft Data Platform

A one day conference timed for Europe and the US

We are running on the 13th April 2022, we’ve got some more great sessions and panels for you!

Focused on helping you take your first steps into the Microsoft Data Platform world and the next steps in your career journey…

Whether you’re an old hand wanting to learn something to expand your career, or someone who’s just heard about it and wants to learn more, everyone is welcome!

This time we’re also going be having expert panels between sessions discussing topics, and taking questions from the audience



We’re a bunch of Data Platform aficionados who love sharing our knowledge and experience. A lot of people are feeling unsure in their current job and may be looking at a new path. We wanted to do something to welcome you into the Microsoft data platform community, gain some knowledge, and expand your network.

On April 13th 2022 we’ll be running 6 sessions and 2 panels from 10:00 till 19:00 UTC to cover US, European and African timezones

The Sessions will again be 45 minutes long aimed at people just starting their journey with the Microsoft Data and Azure platforms

The panels are going to be offering more general career advice, and also discussing how we can all make the Data Platform community experience better for a wider range of people

Sound good? Sound interesting? Let’s go!



Who are the people behind Data Platform Discovery Day?

Matt Gordon

Twitter: sqlatspeed

Matt is a Data Platform MVP who lives in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. He has a passion for mentoring people at various stages of their career and helped create this event to encourage more people to take the next (or first) step in their data career.

Stuart Moore

Twitter: napalmgram

Stuart is also a Data Platform MVP. He’s based in Nottingham, UK. Organises a number of user groups and other events, and sees Data Platform Discovery Day as a way of reaching out to people just starting out who might not attend the established events



The Call for Speakers has now closed.


For this event we’re going to be running 45 minute panel between the normal sessions. These panels are a chance for people to discuss topics that affect both newcomers to our community and the community as a whole

We encourage anyone who thinks they can engage with the topic and can bring a different viewpoint to the panel to apply to be a panelist.

To apply, register via our Call for Speakers and submit a session using the title of the Panel you wish to speak on, and use the Notes field to tell us why you want to be on the panel

The panels are:

  • Building Accessible Data Applications
    • How do you ensure that the most people possible can make use of your data or application?
  • How To Direct A Data Career (DBA, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Visualization)
    • How did you approach becoming a DBA, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Visualization expert
  • Productive and Inclusive: Meetings for All
    • What makes a meeting useful? And how to accommodate everyones needs physically and mentally
  • Diverse Experiences in Data
    • We work with diverse data, how do we ensure we have a diverse workforce to work with it?
  • Making Your Way To A Data Career
    • Did you take an unusual path to a Data Career? We want to hear about the people who ran away from the circus to work with data.
  • Setting Up Your Own Learning Environment
    • Everyone needs a playground to learn in, how do you build yours?

If you think you have something to offer to one of more of these panels please register at Call for Speakers and submit a session using the title of the Panel you wish to speak on, and use the Notes field to tell us why you want to be on the panel